Unbox All Your Necessities

We know from experience how hectic life can get at times. Whether you are women that is consistently busy with kids, family, work, or a college student or teen busy with school work and extra curriculum, we want to help make your life a little more easy and little more sweet. No more last minute stores runs for your period products or better yet going to store and still forget your products. Let us handle that for you so you can eliminate store run time and make it a "Loving Me Time"

Loving Me Period is a period subscription box supplying you with all your feminine hygiene products and so much more. Our mission is to deliver an unique collection of items to each customer’s home, every single month. Boxes will included: Tampons, Pads or both, panty liners, pain reliever, hygiene wipes, teas, sweets and treats. We are convenience box so you get what you need at the reoccurrence you desire.

Our company was born from a desire to give people true joy in a package of  real necessities, delivered straight to their doorstep. We figured out how to take advantage of technology in order to turn that great feeling into a company.